Here leaders can learn to take
Visionary Leadership
At Home, at Work and in the World

My team and I help people
and businesses adapt to, and co-create,
"the feminine (21st) century"

"Femininity will be the operating
system of the 21st Century"

John Gerzema,
New York Times Best Selling author

"I am here to serve those who's
natural genius is a leader. I train
leaders to lead in the new era."

- Kirsten Stendevad

I train women in feminine
leadership, because the world
cannot get into balance before
women reconnect with the
feminine within themselves
- in addition to their masculine.

I help men access
their feminine people skills and intuitive clarity
without losing their
masculine muscles

My new book (no 6):
"The Future is Feminine" (2016)
describes The 7 Pillars of Success
that takes people and companies from
great to Extraordinary.

Want to upgrade your team?
I have been a Public Speaker at
Harvard Business School,
MIT, McKinsey & co,
and many more.

“If you listen closely, Kirsten can change your life - and
your bottom line”
- Lise, CEO Inq

"What have you done? It works!
- Rebecca, psychotherapist

Are you a leader with or without a title
who wants to (create) change?
I offer live training, online
training and individual sessions for
21st century leaders

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About Kirsten Stendevad

The official bio:

Kirsten Stendevad, visionary feminine leader and founder of Illumina International, is an expert in 21st-century leadership paradigms, which she has been teaching leaders with and without titles since 2003. The co-author of five trendsetting bestsellers about innovative and visionary leadership, she has also given workshops on these topics at Harvard Business School, MIT and McKinsey & Co., among others.
Kirsten is well-known among the creative class in Scandinavia as a transformative role model, a community leader and an inspiring mentor, not least for female changemakers and entrepreneurs. Her book Motherhood as a Careerbooster  and her latest book, The Future is Feminine are soon available in English. Kirstens is also a kundalini yoga teacher, evolutionary coach and the mother of three. She lives in Copenhagen, Denmark and teaches globally through her online programs. You can reach Kirsten at www.kirstenstendevad.com.

More about who I am:

Judging from the feedback I have received for more than a decade as an Author, Speaker, Seminar Leader, Leadership Trainer and Entrepreneurial Mentor, I am an inspiring catalyst for people and companies desiring to co-create the(ir) Future.

I help people and businesses adapt to the paradigms of the 21st century, become cutting edge frontrunners, play bigger, and operate in alignment with the larger picture.

How I work:

I am a visionary. I have regularly been featured all over the Scandinavian press because I have pointed to megatrends years before they get mainstream.

I work as a transformational catalyst:

I can see people and businesses´ potential, help them discover and remove what´s blocking it´s unfolding, and adapt new habits in alignment with their vision.

I work as a mentor more than as a traditional coach.

Yes, I ask people and businesses “the right questions” to assist them in realizing their own truth. But I also add other perspectives, thereby accellerating the growth.

How I think

I am a solutionist, dedicated to leadership.

I am a networker. You are not hiring a one-woman-band (unless that´s what you desire). I have the privilege of knowing the most cutting edge frontrunners of all kinds, and involve, or connect you with, whoever I find appropriate for the task.

I believe one of the mantras of the new era is “lifelong learning”.  This is why I founded the webmedia eKSplore: to keep expanding my knowledge, and share the inspiring perspectives I find with you.

My background:

I have co-written 6 books in Scandinavian languages, among them Simple-Living.dk (2003) Moderskab som Karrierefordel (Motherhood as a career booster) (2004) and Den nye Karrierefar (The new career dad) (2005)-

My latest book, Fremtiden er Feminin – 7 spilleregler i det 21. århundredes lederskab (Gyldendal Business 2016) is on its way in English.

I have an MA in culture and communication from Copenhagen University and New School for Social Research. I am also trained as a kundalini yoga instructor, evolutionary coach.

I live in Denmark with my husband and am a mother of three children.

International colleagues:

“You are an amazing woman. You are a seeker of Truth. You were born to inspire other women on all levels, in all areas.”

Carmen Harra
Carmen HarraPhD, bestselling author USA

“You are a big shot leading mentor in the spotlight with an important message to the world. Go tell it.”

Ronelle Coburn
Ronelle CoburnPhD, bestselling Author & Master in the science of Life Purpose analysis, USA

“You are an extraordinary woman. I hold you very close in my heart”

Regena Thomashauer
Regena Thomashauerbestselling author, Founder and CEO of Mama Genas School of Womanly Arts in NYC

Participants from my trainings in leadership based on the feminine model:

I do not think there are many who come to Kirsten without getting their lives changed.

Anastasia Damgaard Lysdahl

With your constant inspiration, your strength and also vulnerability, you are one of my biggest role models.

Paprika Lassen

I experience Kirsten as selfless, sincere, attentive, curious and passionately interested in her field. It´s my sense that Kirsten is in constant personal and professional development, expanding her knowledge base and sharing her experience. Kirsten is an accomplished pioneer and entrepreneur and shines her light. She beautifully manages to reconcile greatness and humility in her work.

Mette Vestergaard

Almost every aspect of my life changed after I attended Kirstens leadership training. This has a lot to do with her resilience and her way of sharing all her experience and knowledge.

Sanne Graulund

I am so incredibly happy to have got to know you – you possess a beauty, power and communication skill that are phenomenal.

Kristina Wieworra

Kirsten herself is a force for good – she is great at inspiring others just by being who she is.

She contributes both with her extensive experience and her visionary capacities for innovation.

Charlotte Christensen

Your ability to create women’s networks and to develop the goddesses in us, I find deeply fascinating, and I learn just as much from what you share online and live, as from your way of doing things. I love meeting passionate people who know how to “walk their talk”!!!

Leanne Lohtuz

Kirsten Stendevad is the most beautiful living goddess I know.

Kirsten has a great understanding of women’s lives and is deeply committed to providing them / us with the tools that enable us to take leadership for building meaningful lives. Kirsten in her teaching is very inspiring, and a role model for women of all ages. She knows much, she dares, she can.

Then Kirsten is nice and beautiful to look at. She does work on her appearance, but it is the loving, pure and wise charisma that, together with her inspiring words, works.

Cecilia Klose